Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have bought a new puppy, at what
age should I bring it in for its
first groom?
We suggest you bring your puppy to us
for their first groom as soon as possible,
usually between 3-6 months, where we
are happy to give advice on the upkeep
of their coats and brushing techniques to
be used at home in between groomings.
The sooner they become familiar with
the salon surroundings and the process
of being groomed the better, particularly
for those breeds who will require regular
grooming every 6-8 weeks as it will be a
large part of their lives.
Q. Should I do anything before I bring
my dog in to be groomed?
On arrival, new clients are asked to
complete a registration form which will
give the opportunity to inform us of any
special needs, ailments, problems or
ongoing veterinary treatments. Your dog
should arrive with a collar and lead and,
ideally dry! We also suggest clients take
a look at our Facebook page where we
have 100’s of photos of our work.
Q. My dog is old, can I still have it
As we age, we still like to be clean and
tidy. This is no different for your dog. As
long as you tell us about any achy joints,
ear or eye problems or skin irritations,
we’ll make sure its session is as
comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
Q. My dog can be a bit aggressive, can
he still be groomed?
We have experienced aggression from
a few of our doggie clients as, like us,
they get nervous and can’t control their
emotions. At Posh Pawz we will always
try to work with your dog to gain their
trust and help them to control their
anxiety. This may take more than one
grooming session and we only ever use
muzzles as a last resort.
Q. How often will my dog need
This will depend entirely on your breed
of dog and we can discuss this when
you visit.
Q. What does grooming involve?
A full grooming treatment will
include nail trim, ear pluck and clean,
and gland expressing as required.
Your dog will then have a warm bath
and a blow dry using professional
standard driers, we do not use cabinet
driers. They will then be clipped to
your requirements and finished with a
spray of one of our fabulous colognes
and a ‘Posh Pawz’ bandana.
Q. How long will it take?
Depending on the breed of and
condition of the dog, usually between
one and three hours. We ask owners to
leave their contact details and we ring
them when their dog is ready.
Q. Do I stay or do I go?
It is less stressful for your dog and we
find they settle much quicker into their
groom once their owner has left, and in
some cases they are reluctant to leave
us when ‘home-time’ comes!
Q. How much does it cost?
Prices start at £15 for a bath only
and £25 for a full groom depending
on breed.

Professional dog grooming