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At Posh Pawz Salon & Spa, you can rest assured that your precious pooch
will be treated with the utmost care and respect. We offer a full range of
grooming services in a safe, clean, and professional environment.

Our priority will always be the welfare of your dog. We understand that
some dogs require more time and patience to help them enjoy their
grooming treatment and we will always ensure that they are kept as
relaxed as possible and will give them short breaks during their treatment
if necessary.

Before each groom we will discuss your requirements, during each groom
your dog will receive a warm bath using only professional standard
shampoos and conditioners, they will be blow dried using professional
dryers (never in a cabinet dryer) and then clipped and styled.
As a finishing touch they will have a spray of our fabulous smelling
colognes, so they leave feeling relaxed and happy.

We can also give your a dog a bath and blow dry if they need a ‘freshen up’
in between groomings.

At every full groom we will check and clip nails, pluck and clean ears and
empty anal glands if needed.

Prices start from £25 for a full groom depending on breed please call
01446 710044 to discuss your requirements. We aim to groom most breeds
in 2 hours, however, please note that if your dog is badly matted, treatments
will incur extra charges of £5 per additional half hour.

Professional dog grooming